BORN TO DIE® A brand by Samuel Ellis.

By "trade" I'm the opposite to a creative. My 3 A-Levels were (are) Chemistry Physics and Maths. But since the age of 12 there's been an obsession with design and specifically having tangible products that showcase it.

It is that very notion that lead to, aged 15, me starting Born To Die.

Although founded in 2019, it took until 2021 for BORN TO DIE to be in a position I personally feel proud of.

every release is now something I actually want to (and do) wear with pride everyday and every drop I try to offer something better than the last

releases announced before the drop on our instagram and via our mailing list.

Streetwear that's designed to be worn.


No items are overpriced and the phrase "honesty is the best policy" is something I stand by always.

Each piece has a unique story to tell.

Once the website closes they're gone forever.

1 drop per month.

love u all <3